We aim to pass on value, in every project, with every effort. When you feel like you got more value for their money, we know we did our jobs right.

Valuing a service, regardless of the industry, is inherently subjective. In the web service industry nearly all companies will make sure your website “works” and “looks good”. We take it a step further an ask ourselves: “is this website valuable to the client?

One way we make sure you receive value, is by reducing your cost, by using open source software. Which is to say, we find and use free software when it fits your needs. This helps keep your costs down and if done correctly, does not sacrifice on quality. 

When it comes to launching new websites, one way we pass on value, is by using WordPress – by default – for all new sites. WordPress powers over 30% of the web, for good reason. When we start our journey together, and find out more about your needs, no doubt the subject of “which system” to use will come up, when it does, we will talk about the pros and cons of content management systems like WordPress, and let you decide for yourself.